Reasons Behind Bitcoin’s Verge With Great Shift

Bitcoin was rooming around 4000$ for months, but once more bitcoin is crossing 8000$ benchmark and added surprise element to investors. 400 million transaction are made since crypto was created in 2009, as per bitcoin’s public blockchain.

With average of 350,000 transactions per day and 15,000 every hour, every new block is mined is adding more transactions to network. Cost of each transaction has also increased by first week of April over $2.

Forbs Says “As bitcoin, along with other major cryptocurrencies, continue to hit adoption and usage milestones investors and traders are likely to become more confident of bitcoin’s longevity and ability to hold on to higher valuations and prices.”

As we watch the recent scenario’s happening in cryptocurrency market is resulting this new heap in Crypto. Lets take a look in current activities in crypto market

Traditional Stock Markets

Traditional stock exchanges started to offer cryptocurrency-related product, it is a move that’s introducing cryptocurrency to conventional equities investors. In next few days Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) starting to trade bitcoin and ethereum in limited manner. As next move from world’s second largest stock market – Nasdaq, listed ETH and BTC indices and Switzerland’s exchange (SIX) listed an crypto based product.

Bitcoin - eDigital Facts

New Approval’s And Loosened Rules For New Investors

Popular crypto exchange platforms in Europe – Bitstamp, have received virtual currency license to run digital currency operations By NYSDFS. With this step investors in New York can trade in bitcoin cash, bitcoin, litecoin, XRP, ether. Bitfinex – a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong have scraped its minimum balance rule of $10,000. This step is enabling retail traders and reaching wider audience. By redesigning security with dedicated servers and premium hardware, lowest latency, advanced support center and development of new KYC (know-your-customer) portal.

Retail Market opening New Paths for Crypto

Businesses merchants, companies and stores have started accept crypto’s like Bitcoin Cash around the world, there are also Some apps are available to locate them easily. As a next move in the market, some online stores are offering crypto currencies to purchase top-branded gift cards and cryptocurrency-focused products.

Bitcoin Wallet and Securities

New wallets are equipped with multisig security or hardware wallet which cannot touched by online are securing cryptos are popular nowadays. Validity of payments by bitcoin’s protocol rules are verified using full Bitcoin node, the bitcoin core software is using for this is also Being verify, top level of security is also added directly to the devices which are using for it. Use cases With Broader range are useful for applications, merchants & other services with fast and cheap transactions by lightning protocol.

Crypto-Enthusiasm In Celebrities

As we all knew many celebrities are into cryptocurrency worldwide. Now a Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg who runs most subscribed channel name PewDiePie started using Dlive – a cryptocurrency payments supportive service. Dlive is decentralized livestreaming community built using the Lino blockchain, Where anyone can buy Lino points with cryptocurrency like BCH, BTC, ETH and LTC, This scenarios are showing new shift in communities toward cryptocurrencies.

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