10 Best Android Phones of 2019 You Must Know

With the summer wave, phone maker’s first big offering for the year 2019 is now on the shelves. From a pit of phone choices, we bring to you some of our 10 best android phones of 2019 that you must have a knowledge about.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10:

Samsung Galaxy S10

Android Phones: The Samsung Galaxy 10 is already shaping up between the galaxy series to be one of the best android phones in 2019. Looking at the features, the hole-punch-in-display selfie camera and an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. This phone includes a MicroSD slot, wireless power sharing as well as a headphone jack.

2. Google Pixel 3:

Android Phones: Even though this particular model was a leak before its launch, Google Pixel 3 appears to have been worth the wait now that it actually is here. Recently, it was observed that the updates are so quick that some of the customers were treated to a post launch camera upgrade, known as the ‘Night Sight’ which is believed to give out some of the best night shots.

3. OnePlus 6T:

OnePlus 6T (Android Phones) might be one of the most expensive models so far from the company, however, it is average price as compared to most of the other phones in this list. Two of the most helpful features are security updates and platform updates. OnePlus 6T is considered to be one of the first phones (these phone series) to have an-in display fingerprint sensor.

4. Samsung Galaxy S9:

Featuring a 5.80-inch touchscreen display, this phone is expected to have one of the fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon processors (845) with a 4GB RAM available in the market right now.

5. LG G7 ThinQ:

This particular phone matches the level of Samsung Galaxy S9. Particularly having an inbuilt speaker system, it is considered to be a good phone, but will soon be under the radar because it doesn’t showcase any standout feature.

6. Motorola Moto Z3 Play:

It includes a magnetic battery pack that stays for long. This particular phone is compatible with the Motorola’s Moto Mods that includes a series of attachments, adding new functionality such as an Alexa speaker, a battery pack and an instant printer.

7. Nokia 7.1:

Surprisingly, Nokia has made to the top 10 android phones in 2019. This is one of the only phones that get direct updates from Google. It comes with a 64 GB storage and dual rear cameras. The only disadvantage is the back side which is fragile as it is made up of glass, so the protection has to be doubled.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

A surprising new feature about this phone includes the S Pen which is a Bluetooth functionality that lets you open apps and do random stuff on the phone with the pen.  Samsung note 9 is slightly cheaper than what it is in other countries. Samsung note 9 prices are very affordable as compared to other places.

9. LG V40 ThinQ:

This phone is very similar to the LG G7 except for the fact that it included 5 cameras in total. There are two rear cameras with 2X zoom and a wide-angle lens. It also includes a Selfie cam that adds a separate wide-angle mode. It is considered to be a little on the higher side, knowing the fact that it is a 2018 model.

10. TCL Blackberry Key2:

Yes, blackberry still exists, and this particular model is the only one in the list that includes a keyboard. Comparing the battery life of this phone to the other phones, it seems that its almost the same and lasts for a minimum of 2 days. The screen is large enough for the keys to be well-spaced, further increasing the typing accuracy.

Before you make an impulsive buy, always remember to check out this list to know which phone is best in the market out there and don’t forget to go through the advantages, disadvantages as well as the pricing factor.

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