Optimize the Content Marketing Strategy In 5 Steps

There are details that allow you to optimize the content marketing strategy. Does this seem like a difficult solution to put into practice? On the other hand, you have already worked hard to set the first steps in this sector: improving is a complex step for your resources.

It is not so. The perception may be this but I assure you that it is not impossible to define the content marketing exercise for your website and, in general, all your online activity. Where should this continuous optimization process begin? What are the pillars of your employment?

The first point I suggest is that of the critical approach. Never think of being able to reach the ideal solution at first sight, you must always question what you did with an objective spirit. Testing is your first commandment to respect. More tips to activate?

Study well the people you need to reach

Do you want to optimize the content marketing strategy but don’t know where to start? I suggest you give priority to this element: the target. That is the audience for which you are creating your work. Keeping in mind the audience that is about to receive your work is always useful.

Where does the reflection begin? A good search of the reader personas – imaginary ideal types that correspond to your potential audience – can help you understand what features the content you are forging must have. This way you avoid publishing without a compass.

There is no greater waste for a content marketing strategy: working at random, hoping to intercept the favors of a part of the public. The personas, instead, are inspired by empirical data (analytics, keyword research …) to build audience hypotheses to satisfy.

Adapt your content to the target audience

Now you have clear data on the target to reach. And it is a waste of infinite resources if you continue to invest in creating content without evaluating the relationship between target and content. 

To do lead generation, you have decided to create an eBook to give to those who leave the mail contact. But you’ve put together an advanced SEO guide for senior professionals. Because you played the card of the exclusive lead magnet, of great quality. Completely ignoring the target.

The guide will be downloaded mainly by advanced users who will not be interested in the course. Completely nullifying your content marketing action. Studying the target does not mean combing the dolls but giving a precise address to your online content.

Always define clear content goals

Another aspect that is often overlooked: what should the publications that you provide for blogs, websites and newsletters do? Every action must be directed towards a clear goal, without forgetting the possibility of obtaining secondary and correlated advantages to the final result.

Also, in this case I want to give you a concrete example. The eBook I mentioned can be used to do lead generation, but not only. If you associate the launch of the content with a digital PR job and outreach blogger you can point to a result in terms of link building.

Obtaining an advantage for the SEO strategy since the incoming links – which arrive naturally and spontaneously – contribute to the organic positioning. In summary, give a goal to the content marketing strategy by expanding the perspective and the range of action.

Learn to reuse and exploit publications

The contents have different lives and the idea that each channel must enrich itself and come to life with specific works is not always valid. This means that a job can be adapted and transformed into something different. To animate another channel and save time. Any examples?

  • Videos become podcasts by extrapolating audio.
  • Blog articles are transformed into eBooks.
  • The slides become extra content to download.

Obviously, you must not fall into the temptation to recycle without adapting, improving and optimizing. The publications of a company blog can become material for a newsletter but this is not enough to justify a good activity of email marketing and DEM.

Define KPIs to monitor results over time

Another big mistake that prevents the launch of the content marketing strategy: the absence of clear parameters to define the progress of the content with respect to what you do. How do you understand where, when and why improve the actions you have put in place? With KPIs.

That is to say key performance indicators, useful parameters to understand the quality of the actions you have activated. To explain this concept, I take the case of the eBook: which KPIs do we define? Number of downloads made and links received on the page can be useful references, also because the downloaded documents coincide with new leads added to the database that will be exploited in the funnel.


How many KPIs you can define – Image source

How to optimize the content marketing strategy? There will be other KPIs to be evaluated for the different tasks. For example, those used with direct email and marketing automation. In short, each phase has its parameters to be evaluated. Not inserting the observation of the KPIs in an action linked to the contents means approaching failure. And, as always, you have to move away from this possibility.

Optimize the content marketing strategy

Possible? Of course, this is the imperative. You have to work with the contents because they represent the driving force of the inbound marketing activity (let you find yourself when people need you) but you can’t proceed blindly: define, publish, measure, improve.

This is the perspective that I love to propose to those approaching this universe. Did you work to optimize the content marketing strategy in this way? Do you have any other ideas?

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Wanda Mooree run’s professional SEO authority services firm in Texas. Also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young Texas SEO’s and top agencies. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness industry and currently associated as a blogger with Justseotech.com

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