Marketing Gains That A Business Is Offered When It Has A Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia is one of the top ranked sites that caters to a huge audience body globally. When the site was launched in 2001, the internet was facing a substantial issue. Internet was replacing almost all the other information sources including newspapers, television, books, and other traditional information sources and yet, internet itself was not a reliable source of information. Everyone could access the information on the internet and social media platforms and manipulate it according to their own benefits. Unlike traditional media, internet has no rules and regulations to ensure authenticity of the information that is presented on it.

In such scenario, Wikipedia was launched to fulfill this demand for the authenticity and credibility for the information accessed through the internet. Initially, it was decided that the site will be edited by scholars and experts only. However, later the site become a platform that is run through volunteering editors and writers as well. Still, the users rely on the site for credible information.

This association of credibility along with the monopolistic nature of Wikipedia makes it the hub of encyclopedic information that is used by almost all the internet users. Huge audience and authenticity are the attributes of the site that attract marketers. In a world of internet where audience find it difficult to trust any information, Wikipedia is one of the only platforms that a huge global audience trust and rely on. This is why, business seek the knowledge about how they can own their own Wikipedia page.

Companies who do not have a page of their own on the site strive to find a writing agency that would provide them with Wikipedia editors for hire so that can edit some other pages on the site to have a backlink to their site. They also can attain the benefits to some degree. If you are curious to know why businesses go to such lengths to have their businesses mentioned on Wikipedia, read on.

Better Brand Image

The foremost benefit of having a Wikipedia page is that the association with the site makes a brand appear more credible and reliable to the potential clients. That is because businesses are inclined to that influenced by the image of the platform as well. They link their perception of Wikipedia as a credible platform to the perception of brand.

More Leads from International Markets

Wikipedia is a site that has a diversified audience group extended beyond international boundaries. What makes Wikipedia exceptionally great for marketing is the fact that the site is equally popular all over the globe. Almost everyone who owns an internet connection uses the site. So if a business is presented on the site in a good manner, it will gain popularity among international potential customers in no time. The growth rate of a company can touch the new skies with such reachability.

Top SEO Rankings

Have you noticed that whatever keywords you put on the Goggle search engines, Wikipedia pages almost always cover the top results. This happens not only on Google but on other search engines as well. This is because Wikipedia has an exceptionally good SEO. Any business who would successfully place its backlinks on the site among the right keywords can improve its SEO ranking, becoming one of the top search results. This means that the company will be receiving more attention, which is definitely good for its growth.

These are the major benefits of having a Wikipedia page. There are a plenty of other benefits as well. Wikipedia marketing is a marketing strategy that can provide best results at a low investment cost. This is why every business should seek assistance from Wikipedia editors and have a page on the site if it fits the criteria of the site.

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