How many types of campaigns can be created in an AdWords account?

Google Adwords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. Google AdWords Campaign types 1.Search campaign
  • Search campaign type of ad is “low budget tool” and this ad mostly used for to get a potential traffic on website. Google search ad show mostly near search engine result page above or below and relevant website and blogs.
  • With specific budget to covered more users by using this ad
Search ad advantages
  1. Low budget than other ads
  2. Best for get higher traffic
  3. Target relevant audience by using specific keyword and geographic
2. Display ads
  • This ad shown on google display network and relevant website and blogs and also relevant mobile application.
  • Display ad is best for advertiser because in this ad add short general idea about ad with display of website page.
  • The display Planner is used to create your analysis for placements more. The display Planner is simple to get to from the AdWords interface and is consequently capable of importation chosen concepts and placements straight to your campaigns. The display Planner is simple to use and an excellent tool that saves you time.
  Advantage Generate awareness about business/ Industry
Campaign View 
  3. Search Campaign with display opt in
  • In this ad you can select both the ad type at a time for your product or services.
  • Search campaign with display ad google AdWords Display on per partner site and search result page.
  • By using this campaign type you can covered more user and also provide general idea of your product or services by using display ads.
  4. Shopping campaign Suppose you want to promote your product to get a more sale, shopping campaign is the best campaign for promotion of specific product online by using google AdWords. 5. Video campaign
  • In the latest 2018 mostly used all the advertiser this campaign, because you get instant or relevant result by using this campaign.
  • AdWords promote ads on YouTube and other video sites.
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