How can we avoid Google penalty?

If your website traffic suddenly drops and you see a corresponding decline in rankings, there is a good possibility that you are on the receiving end of a Google penalty.

A Google penalty means that your site is either no longer listed on search results, or that your ranking for your targeted keywords has dropped dramatically.

When your site gets a Google penalty, your target audience can’t find you. And when you are invisible to your target audience, your traffic, and ultimately revenue, drops.

Avoid Google Panelty eDigital Facts
Avoid Google Panelty – eDigital Facts

Things you should not do

Don’t go for buying links.

This practice is very dangerous because Google is aware of this unscrupulous activity. If you buy links, then you could end up spending money to get your site penalized.


Do not link to bad page rank sites.

Check your backlinks and Disavow bad links. You can choose tools like Google Search Console and Majestic to check your backlinks. If you find any of them as spam, then you should Disavow them.


Don’t use sneaky mobile redirects.

When someone lands on their website from some mobile device then, they redirect them to a different site which is not relevant even with the content of on original site. Google penalize the sites that use sneaky mobile redirects.


Don’t sell your link

because of Google finds your link as link farm then you will be penalized and all your effort to rank your page will go in vain.


Don’t use duplicate content.

If your site appears to be a duplicate one, then it won’t appear at all.


Don’t use hidden text.

You might think that you can trick Google into thinking that certain text is visible on your website, even though it’s invisible to visitors. But it comes under Google’s violation policies, and Google will penalize you for these practices.


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